The Best Skin Care Resolutions To Take In 2020 To Have Perfect Skin

The Best Skin Care Resolutions

The Best Skin Care Resolutions

The Best Skin Care Resolutions , As the make-up layers get lighter and lighter in favor of naturalness, Joëlle Ciocco, the guru skincare most prized by Parisian celebrities, gives us 5 good habits to take care of your skin … And radiate it all year round.

1. Double cleaning.

“Every night, respect the double cleaning with a cleanser adapted to the needs of your skin. This is the essential step in your beauty routine to rid your skin of the toxins accumulated daily, allow it to breathe and activate the natural anti-aging present in its skin flora.Note: when you apply sun filters, remember to remove them completely with a suitable cleanser like my famous Emulsifying Cream. Improper cleaning of these protective agents leads to skin microbiota disorders like imperfections, tightness and dehydration. “

2. Book a facial.

“You go at least once a year to your dentist for a scaling essential to your oral hygiene. So each year, treat yourself to an exceptional facial with a specialist to restore the motor and logical functions of your skin membrane. “

3. Adapt your skincare routine to the season.

“With each change of season, update your cosmetic protocol. Indeed, your skin’s needs are not the same in hot and cold weather. For example, avoid venturing into peels by period of time cold because your skin is very sensitive and vulnerable to thermal shock. The result may be more than disappointing. “ In order not to be mistaken, you can perform a skin diagnosis in real time on the site, before receiving a personalized routine.

4.Make a mask.

“When you make a scrub, consider ideally applying a mask of the same brand after. Your skin becomes more vulnerable to the external environment. This mask will soothe and strengthen your skin microbiota.”

5. Bet on oils.

“Whether your skin is dry or oily, include oils in your routine. For dry skin, it will nourish deeply and for oily skin, it will regulate the production of sebum. There are hundreds, you no longer have just make your choice. “


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