Davinci Mission Heads To Venus In 2029 As NASA Planning

The Davinci Mission Heads To Venus In 2029

Having largely ignored it for the past 30 years, NASA is now planning to send two new probes to Venus called Davinci Mission.

Venus is known as the evil twin of the Earth… and many scientists thought it was a “dead” planet.
And the US space agency, “NASA,” decided to send two new probes worth $500 million (£352 million) to Venus, and shared a video of what will happen when one of them lands on its surface in 2029.

It allows viewers to take a journey through the planet’s stinging atmosphere, to learn about the scientific experiments that the “DAVINCI +” spacecraft will conduct on its way to landing.
Earlier this year, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson revealed that both missions to the planet are expected to be launched within the next 10 years.
One of them, called VERITAS, will orbit Venus and deepen through its thick clouds to map the surface.
The goal of The Davinci Mission is to understand the geological history of the planet and to investigate why it evolved differently from Earth. It can also detect whether volcanoes and earthquakes still occur on Venus.
But DAVINCI+ (Venus’s Deep Atmosphere Investigation of Gases, Chemistry, and Imaging) will go one step further by actually landing the planet.
When it falls to the surface, the high-tech probe will measure the planet’s stinging atmosphere to understand how it formed and evolved.

The Davinci Mission Heads To Venus In 2029

It will also aim to determine whether Venus, the hottest planet in the solar system with a surface temperature of 900 degrees Fahrenheit (500 degrees Celsius), has an ocean at all.
“Venus is waiting for us all, and DAVINCI+ is ready to take us out there and ignite a new Venus renaissance,” said Giada Arne, a planetary scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.The Davinci Mission Heads To Venus In 2029.
The Davinci Mission Heads To Venus In 2029
The Davinci Mission Heads To Venus In 2029
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