“The first American Astronaut” Daughter To Fly Into Space

"The first American Astronaut" Daughter To Fly Into Space

“The first American Astronaut” Daughter, Alan Shepard, will be on New Shepard’s six-member crew. According to a press release published by Blue Origin on its website.

The company said that the crew of the space mission, which will launch on December 9, includes two honorary guests and 4 space tourists, who have paid for the space flight.
The honorary guests are Laura Shepard Churchley, the daughter of astronaut, Alan Shepard, and Good Morning America television host, Michael Straichen.

The first American Astronaut Daughter To Fly Into Space

Those who paid for the space flight were businessmen Dylan Taylor, Evan Dick, Line Pace and his son Cameron Pace.
The press release stated that the spacecraft will launch to the frontier of space (about 90 km) at 09.00 on December 9 local time (18.00 Moscow time) from a space airport in western Texas.
It is noteworthy that in 1961 the first American astronaut, Alan Shepard, made a space trip to low Earth orbit aboard the Mercury Redstone 3. The spacecraft climbed to an altitude of 185 km and landed in the Atlantic Ocean, 500 km from the airport from which it was launched. The journey took only 15 minutes.

"The first American Astronaut" Daughter To Fly Into Space

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