The Most Beautiful Hiking Trail On Mallorca Island

Hiking Trail On Mallorca Island

Hiking Trail On Mallorca Island

With the arrival of autumn and the waning of the sun’s heat on the Spanish island of Mallorca, tourists can enjoy a picnic tour on the most beautiful hiking trail on the largest of Spain’s islands in the Mediterranean.

The GR 221 hiking trail runs through the Tramuntana Mountains, stretching for approximately 150 km from Port Danratx in the southwest to Port de Pollenca in the far northwest.

Beautifully landscaped

Shortly after leaving the yacht port, the landscape turns and the touring path passes through mountain pine forests, and tourists see many scenic landscapes, which include a view of the former fishermen’s village “Saint Elm” and the Dragon Island “Sa Dragonera” located in front of it, and the touring path continues up and down.
In the pine forests, the landscape often invites you to take a break and enjoy its beauty.
Hiking Trail On Mallorca Island
And the viewing pleasure increases when arriving at the abandoned “La Traba” monastery, and the tourists hear the sound of classical music resounding among the ruins, and tourists discover the presence of Miguel Torres, aged 80, who loves to listen to Mozart’s music, next to the wall while he is working on restoration The monastery, spread over an area of ​​80 hectares, was established by French Trappist monks in 1810.

Dry stone construction

In dry stone masonry, such as the buildings and balconies of the monastery, the use of mortar or cement has been completely abandoned; Where angular stones of various sizes are assembled and stacked on top of each other.
No other place matches the quality of dry stone masonry work perfectly like Mallorca, and this site was even inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2018, and Miguel Torres explained that every stone in the construction is a tone in a symphony, and the stone must fit with Position it so that the wall appears harmoniously.
Hiking Trail On Mallorca Island
Hiking Trail On Mallorca Island
Miguel Torres emphasized that the touring path is full of border walls, balconies, houses and towers built based on this technology, so the GR 221 touring path is also known as the drywall path “Rota de Piedra in Sec”.
While wandering the west coast of Mallorca, tourists feel a lot of enthusiasm and passion for the rest of the day, and the rocks descend dramatically 450 meters into the sea water at the viewing platform “Mirador den Josep Sastra”.
In the evening, tourists arrive at the interim destination at the Finca Ses Fontaneles Hotel. The 200-year-old country house has been converted into a hotel for long-distance hikers, and tourists usually see sheep grazing under citrus trees.
From the “Sis Fontaneles” area, tourists pass through an ascending road and pass a steep gorge with a height of 200 meters, and tourists notice the annoyance of wild goats while wandering. The more tourists climb on the hiking trail, the more splendid the landscapes around them overlooking the wild coast and the Mediterranean.
Tourists stop at the next destination in Banyalbufar, which is considered one of the most popular villages in the Tramontanta region; This village is famous for its terraced nature, characterized by its stone balconies, narrow alleys and houses built of colored sandstone. The name of this village goes back to the Arabs during their time in Spain, and it means “built on the sea”.
On the next day, the tourist group sets out on a winding path in the midst of dense oak forests, and after passing the “Esporlis” area, the wandering road ascends to an area with many hills at a height of 600 meters. For tourists on the island, the village of “Dia” is considered the most beautiful village, and the part of the path leading to this village, which is 13 km long, is considered the most beautiful part of the GR 221 touring path ever, and the road initially passes on a historical horse-riding path.

Dia Village

Tourists ascend slowly on the hiking path until they reach the summit of “Boys Gros” at an altitude of 938 meters, and here tourists enjoy a wonderful view of the village of “Dia” during their descent.
The hiking trail passes along the rocky walls and terraces with olive groves, and the village of “Dia” is famous as the stronghold of artists on the island of Mallorca; It attracts painters, poets, composers, and a large number of artists reside in the Hotel “La Residencia”, and the garden of this hotel is filled with many sculptures and about 800 pieces of art created by local artists.
During the day, the tourist group walked to the port of “Port de Soller”, and passed on its way through endless plantations of olive trees, and the perennial trees, which are more than several centuries old, contain various types of animals. Built in 1842, the touring path suddenly deviates to the right, bringing tourists to the natural harbor of Soller, which offers tourists a wonderful opportunity for recreation.
And with the next morning the atmosphere of relaxation begins; Where tourists climb onto the wood-panelled tram, which opened in 1913, the tour begins at the Corniche and passes through citrus plantations to Soller, and through the market halls to
Tourists were able to purchase travel accessories to reach the Tosalis Verdes sanctuary.
Tourists need to get some fitness after passing through the mountain village of Beniaraks; Where the hiking trail passes through a narrow valley and climbs tourists on steeply winding paths, tourists have to climb to the top of the “Col de l’Avre” at an altitude of 750 meters, and then they can enjoy a wonderful view of the orange-coloured Valley of Soller.

The highest mountain in Mallorca

From the top of the valley smells of sage and herbs, and Mount Puig Major stands out with a height of 1436 meters, which is the highest mountain on the island of Mallorca, and boasts of its wonderful landscapes. Of course, the primitive atmosphere far from modern civilization prevails in the area surrounding the mountain hut “Tosalis Verdes”. .
From this elevated area, tourists can see the “Luke” Monastery at the bottom of the valley from afar, and this monastery was established on the island of Mallorca during the thirteenth century, and tourists can stay in the former monks’ cells, and once the tours end, the area prevails in a calm atmosphere and calm and silence prevail .
The forest road passes slowly from the Tramuntana Mountains to the Gulf of Pollenca. This valley is characterized by orange, fig, almond, pear and apricot trees.
By crossing an ancient Roman bridge, tourists reach the center of the old town and its magnificent palaces and ancient church.
In the last stage of the itinerary, tourists can jump into the waters of the Mediterranean, and it is expected that the itinerary will be expanded from dry stone in the coming years, and will end at Cape Formento.

The Most Beautiful Hiking Trail On Mallorca Island

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