“The Rings of Power Series” Is impressive And largely positive

The Rings of Power Series

The war against Morgoth has been won, but Galadriel is not resigned to the idea that Sauron may have escaped, so she continues to hunt him down at The Rings of Power Series.

She does not agree to embrace peace even when her ruler, Gil-galad, offers her to return to bucolic Valinor. Meanwhile, the dwarves have become increasingly hostile to visitors and only Elrond, who has been friends with Durin, can hope to collaborate with them. The Harfoot live nomads as always, but the arrival of a meteor near one of their camps upsets things: in fact, inside there is a mysterious stranger without memory with great powers. Númenor has been isolated for centuries, but things are about to change and Isildur hears the call of his own destiny.
Written by almost rookies Patrick McKay and J.D. Payne, who have faced the improbable confrontation with Tolkien’s prose, the series is inspired by notes, notes and appendices by the famous English author and philologist.

The Rings of Power Series Story

The story precedes that of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit by many years and is set in the Second Age, but in a form that is temporally compressed so that the events have a progression more suitable for TV – according to a variation from the original material that has found d ‘ agreed the Tolkien Foundation itself.
The Rings of Power Series
The Rings of Power Series
On the other hand, we do not know what the foundation has to say about other freedoms that the authors have taken in the transposition: certainly, however, many Tolkenian fans have not failed to make themselves heard, who have poured rivers of anger on social media, aimed in particular against the Galadriel character.
On the other hand, the accusations of being a sort of superwoman (she is the only one to see reason in a world of blind men) turned out to be increasingly inconsistent with the progress of the episodes, which instead showed the elf as a victim. of his own obsession and anything but impenetrable by the charm of Evil. An extremely multifaceted character, capable of literally giving up heaven for the mission he believes in, even though he knows the risks of taking revenge.
The Rings of Power Series
The Rings of Power Series
Galadriel, on the other hand, is not the only protagonist, even if she is the one who at least in this first season moves the most and meets more characters. And the number of characters in this story is exorbitant, so much so that it brings us back more to the first season of Game of Thrones, with all its numerous families to be introduced in very, very distant places, than to Tolkien’s trilogy, which mainly followed the journey of a few dozen people, then divided along the way into two or three groups.

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