What Is Happen Antonia Barra ? 20 Years Girl Who Committed Suicide After Rape

Antonia Barra

What Is Happen Antonia Barra ?

Antonia Barra is young woman from Temuco , Chile who committed suicide after being raped. In journalistic work, it is possible to listen to the audio messages that Barra sent to several of her friends.

On Oct. 19, 2019, Antonia Barra (20) committed suicide three weeks after she told her friends that Martín Pradenas Dürr (28) had raped her. The Barra case gained media attention in mid-May when a video surfaced showing her struggling to walk while Pradenas pulled her towards the cabin he was renting. Since then, other women have come forward with accusations against Pradenas, and the Judicial Power of Chile has officially filed five felony charges against him.

Antonia Barra

What is happen?

On Sept. 17 2019, Antonia Barra and her friends arrived at a club where, according to witness statements and other evidence, Pradenas approached her. They eventually left the club, where the surveillance video captured the two – the same video the prosecution is using as evidence against Pradenas. The next morning, Barra’s friends went searching for her.
she had called them to come get her from a cabin in Pucón where the rape occurred. According to the official story presented to the prosecutor’s office in Temuco, she was talking with a shaky voice and then sent a WhatsApp message saying she had been raped. When she emerged from the cabin, she was crying and pleading with her friends to never discuss what had happened. Three weeks later, she was dead.

Antonia Barra

The rapist denied the charges against him and said that what happened was her will, while other women filed reports against him accusing him of the same accusation.


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