The Squid Game Currency Enters The Cryptocurrencies Market

Squid Game Currency

Squid Game Currency

After the success of the South Korean series “The Squid Game”, the squid game currency was added to the digital currency market as a symbol of a new digital currency, to jump to an unprecedented value in less than a week.

And coinmarket website, which specializes in cryptocurrency news, reported that the “Squid” coin rose in value by 60 thousand percent in less than a week.
According to the site, the value of the “Squid” coin was 0.01 cent Tuesday, before rising to $ 6.27 on Friday morning, an increase of 62,600%.
The currency took its name from the series, which has achieved great international success since its broadcast on the Netflix group.
The new currency follows the same rules of play in the series, with contestants playing six online matches to win cash prizes, but unlike the series without fatal consequences.
But as Squids rise in value, so does the game’s entry price. The entry price for the competition was $4.56 when it launched, reaching more than $1,500 by Friday morning, while the cost of entering the final was more than $50,000.
The series revolves around a group of contestants who play a killer game inspired by children’s toys to win a big cash prize.
The South Korean series topped Netflix’s viewership in many countries, sales of tracksuits and “Vans” shoes worn by actors increased, and interest in learning the Korean language increased.
Squid Game Currency
Squid Game Currency


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