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Tomiii 11 Passed Away Due To Brain Cancer

The 12-year-old boy Tomiii 11 died at 9 in the morning, after spending several years fighting the cancer that afflicted him.

ChileTomiii 11 became popular when he took out his YouTube channel and asked to be followed, because he wanted to be famous. The Internet community responded unexpectedly and in just a few hours his channel reached millions of subscribers.
On his channel he talked about many things, from video games, his life and other topics that touched his more than 8 million followers.

His last appearance in a video was on June 20, 2021, when she participated in the Copihue de Oro Gala organized by La Cuarta, where she won an award.
Since then, there have only been photos on his Instagram account; However, little by little his health was deteriorating, preventing him from interacting with his followers.

Tomiii 11 Passed Away Due To Brain Cancer

Last Friday, August 27, Tomiii 11 won the Giga Award for the best YouTube account, which his family thanked with a publication on his  Instagram “Thanks to all the papus for this award,” says the publication.

Tomiii 11 Passed Away Due To Brain Cancer

Tomiii 11 Death Cause

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