Does Travis Scott Means Cardi B In Escape Plan Song ?

Travis Scott Means Cardi B

Travis Scott Means Cardi B

When I paused in front of the lyrics to Travis Scott’s new song, “Escape Plan,” Cardi B came direct to my mind.

For me, the lyrics of Escape Plane felt directed at Cardi B, especially when he says :
“That wap need draining, just have it if you singing, okay
F**k that Birkin, she just need some еncouragement
Fix that att**ude, shе think she need a surgeon, okay
And show some grat**ude, I put you in that alt**ude, okay”
Lets back to 2019 Grammy Awards , “Toward the end of the doc, we see behind-the-scenes footage of Travis learning that Astroworld did not win the Grammy for Best Rap Album, which ultimately went to Cardi B for Invasion of Privacy.
After receiving the news, Travis was visibly upset, shown walking off and cursing to himself repeatedly.
It seems that Scott still wants to send a message that something is unfair.

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Travis Scott Escape Plan Video And Lyrics

Travis Scott Means Cardi B
Travis Scott Means Cardi B


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