Trump Protects Americans Why You Hate Him ? Part 1

Donald Trump Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

Trump Protects Americans

While the American president Donald Trump is trying to protect Americans and victory for the rights of the American people, you find others mocking him and trying to belittle him, the person who reached the rule of America, the greatest country in the universe, dealing with him as stupid, and this is not the fact that it is a lie.
As a writer for this article, I am Egyptian from the Middle East, and I am very surprised by the indiscriminate and unjustified attack of the Democrats on the American President.
They are trying to despise democracy, as if they were the only democrats in the world, and they had the instrument of democracy and patriotism.
Misinformation, rumors, and the spread of the spirit of conquest in the American people by the Democrats are unacceptable and have resulted in a blind hatred of all the peoples of the world towards America.
Attempts to impose control on the peoples of the world and rob their minds in the name of democracy are no longer acceptable among the peoples of the world. The Arab countries that have supported Obama are the so-called democracy in them, see now that they are destructive and divided and suffer from civil wars and famines. See only Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Tunisia. Egypt survived, because it found a cohesive national institution that is aware of how to deal with its citizens.
The fifth generation wars launched by America against the countries of the Middle East have now returned to the American home, exemplified by the recent protests in the country.
Trump’s decisions are consistent with peoples ’desires to withdraw American forces from other countries, and leave the right of self-determination to the benefit of their people and government, such as material losses to a large number of organizations working for money in the name of human rights.
The Writer , Horus
Trump Protects Americans
Trump Protects Americans

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