Trump Sign Executive Order To Bring Drug Manufacturing Back Home

Trump Sign Executive Order

Trump Sign Executive Order

These actions come at a crucial time “as we fight this battle against the invisible enemy from China,” White House Director of Trade & Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro says.

White HouseVisiting Ohio today, President Trump just signed an executive order to expand “Made in America” production, bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States, and ensure that citizens have access to the life-saving medicines they need.
Here are a few things the new order will accomplish:
  • Establish “Buy American” rules for Federal Government agencies
  • Strip away regulatory barriers to domestic pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Help spark the manufacturing technologies needed to keep drug prices low and move more medicine production onshore
President Trump signed the order today while visiting a Whirlpool manufacturing plant in Clyde, Ohio. This plant represents another important piece of President Trump’s pro-America, pro-worker trade strategy toward China and other countries.
Trump Sign Executive Order
Trump Sign Executive Order


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