“United States Aid To Egypt” All Details Of The US Aid To Egypt

United States Aid To Egypt

United States Aid To Egypt

In the last hours, there was a lot of confusion in the United States, because of the aid provided to Egypt, a lot of wrong information, and we explain the details to you.

Congress approved a stimulus package of $ 900 billion, including one billion and 300 million dollars in the value of the annual grant presented to Egypt, and a lot of confusion took place on social media sites, misunderstanding and appreciation due to ignorance of its circumstances, and therefore we explain to you the details.
Egypt is a large and pivotal country, and a fundamental and giant pillar in the Middle East and Africa, and what America offers to Egypt, achieves mutual gains for both sides, and Egypt is witnessing huge economic and military progress, as it is one of only 5 economies that survived the consequences of the Corona virus, in which Egypt has achieved an achievement praised It has international institutions.

United States Aid To Egypt

It is a fixed annual sum that Egypt receives from the United States of America following the signing of the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Agreement in 1978, when the American President at that time Jimmy Carter announced the provision of annual economic and military aid to Egypt and Israel, which has turned since 1982 into non-refundable grants. $ 3 billion for Israel and $ 2.1 billion for Egypt, of which $ 815 million is economic aid, and $ 1.3 billion is military aid. The American aid to Egypt represents 57% of the total international aid and grants it receives from the European Union, Japan and other countries, and the amount of aid does not exceed 1% of the total Egyptian national income.

Why The United States Aid To Egypt ?

The United States is making very large gains due to this aid, which are:
Why United States give Egypt aid ?
United States Aid To Egypt
It helps in promoting the American strategic objectives in the region, and through which Washington has benefited a lot, such as allowing its military aircraft to fly through the Egyptian military airspace, and granting them prompt permission for hundreds of American warships to cross the Suez Canal, in addition to Egypt’s commitment to purchase military equipment from the United States. It provided Egypt with about 7.3 billion dollars between the years 99 and 2005 under the foreign military financing aid program. During the same period, Egypt spent about half the amount, or 3.8 billion dollars, to buy American heavy military equipment.Why United States give Egypt aid ?

Cut United States aid to Egypt

It is important to realize that there has been a clear trend since the early nineties to reduce government aid provided by advanced industrial countries to developing countries, and to shift from official development aid to trade and investment. America began applying this trend to Egypt since January 1998, when it was decided to reduce economic aid Starting in 1999, it would be reduced by about 5% each year, or about $40 million each year so that economic aid would almost halve by 2009 (from $815 million in 1998 to $407.5 million in 2009). According to Marefa.
Based on this trend, the United States Aid To Egypt decreased from $815 million in 1998 to $775 million in 1999, then to $727 million in 2000, and then to $695 million in 2001.
Then to 655 million dollars in 2002, and then to 615 million dollars in 2003, while military aid remained stable at the level of 1.3 billion dollars annually, although there are frequent proposals to reduce it or transfer it to economic aid, as previously mentioned.
The United States decided to reduce United States Aid To Egypt during the year 2010 by 40 million dollars, bringing the total amount that was reduced in the value of aid in the past nine years to half. Expectations are rising from other cuts in light of the Democratic Party’s control of the new Congress in its two houses, and their efforts to reduce foreign aid in general.
And the former US ambassador to Cairo, Francis Ricciardone, had previously confirmed in April 2006 that the United States Aid To Egypt “will remain in continuous decline” until 2008, and then it will be fixed at a specific amount paid annually, noting that there is a concern among representatives in Congress about “whether This aid contributes to the development of the democratic situation in the country.
However, Ricciardone said: The reduction of United States Aid To Egypt does not mean that “there are any political trends or bad relations, because the interests with Egypt are strategic, and there is constant support for them, because they are very important to us.” He noted that there has been an agreement with the Egyptian government since 1998 to gradually reduce economic aid annually while maintaining the volume of military aid, “which is estimated at one billion and 300 million dollars.”United States Aid To Egypt.


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