United Together Fashion Show Is Great Opportunity

United Together Fashion Show

Your dream to become a fashion designer, or a model? It is a unique opportunity for you to start your new career and show your talents. United Together Fashion Show.

United Together has the simple goal of bringing together different cultures, designers, and traditions of many different styles by doing just that: uniting them together. Every aspiring designer, model, and artist has a dream-United Together Fashion Show want to learn about it and give them those opportunities.

Together We Stand,United We Conquer”

United Together was created in 2019 by international superstar Farhan Chowdhury (fashion designer, producer, and first male Supermodel of Bengali descent). Farhan’s mother is an internationally known designer, so it’s no secret that talent runs in the family.
United Together Fashion Show
United Together Fashion Show
Farhan’s goal of United Together is to bring designers from all over the world, both well known and new to the industry, and give every lover of fashion a chance to make their dreams a reality.

Farhan’s desire is to provide an artistic platform to incubate and cultivate create coalition worldwide.
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