ChatGPT Is The Fastest Growing Chat App In History

ChatGPT Is The Fastest Growing Chat App In History

It is estimated that ChatGPT, the popular website from OpenAI, reached 100 million monthly active users last January, just two months after its launch, making it the fastest growing website in history, according to a report by UBS.

The report said that an average of 13 million visitors used ChatGPT daily in January, more than double last December’s levels.
And the company “OpenAI” announced a monthly subscription of $ 20, initially for users in the United States only, noting that it will provide a more stable and faster service, in addition to the opportunity to try new features.

ChatGPT Is The Fastest Growing Chat App In History

It is reported that “ChatGPT” for chatting answers users’ questions and requests using artificial intelligence, and is able to solve complex math problems, and write programming codes as well.
Chatbots and AI tools like ChatGPT that can produce increasingly complex written content are already being used to perform a variety of tasks, from writing high school assignments to creating legal documents and even authoring.

ChatGPT Is The Fastest Growing Chat App In History

As in every major cycle of technological innovation, some employees will be replaced, with artificial intelligence filling their jobs. At the same time, entirely new activities and potential job opportunities will emerge.

computer programming

ChatGPT can write computer code for software and software applications, it can check human programmers’ language for errors and convert ideas from plain English into programming language.

email tasks

Writing administrative emails or simple scheduling things like setting up or canceling appointments can be easily done with a tool like ChatGPT.

Medium level writing

Some mid-level white-collar jobs could be taken over by AI, including work such as writing HR letters, producing advertising copy and drafting press releases.

Plan and buy ads

The creative industries are also likely to be affected. Martin Sorrell, founder of WPP, the world’s largest advertising and PR group, said in a recent session that he expects the way companies buy ad space to become automated “in a very efficient way” within 5 years.

Lawyer business

The ChatGPT bot recently passed a law school exam and earned a passing score after writing articles on topics ranging from constitutional law to taxation and more.
Common legal forms and documents—including home lease agreements, wills, and non-disclosure agreements—are fairly standard and can be drafted by a sophisticated bot.
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