Who Is Jackie Ormes ? Google Doodle Comic

Who Is Jackie Ormes ?

Who Is Jackie Ormes ?

Google Doodle comic honors Jackie Ormes, the first Black woman cartoonist in the US

She was born on August 1, 1911 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to parents William Winfield Jackson and Mary Brown Jackson.
Her father William, the owner of a printing company and movie theater proprietor, was killed in an automobile accident in 1917.
Celebrate the 75th anniversary of the first publication of the comic strip Patty-Jo ‘n’ Ginger, today’s Google Doodle honors the life of its creator, Jackie Ormes — through a comic, of course!
The parallax-animated comic strip offers a glimpse into the story of Jackie Ormes, born Zelda Mavin Jackson, at various stages of her life, starting with her upbringing in Monongahela, PA. It was there that Ormes learned to draw and got her first start at professional cartooning through caricatures in the Monongahela High School yearbook.

The colorful Doodle offers a portrayal of the timeline of Ormes’ life, “from her beginnings as a self-taught artist to a powerhouse cartoonist and humorist whose work continues to inspire,” Google said.
It was also launched on the same day that Ormes’ “groundbreaking” single panel “Patty-Jo ’n’ Ginger” debuted in 1945 in the Pittsburgh Courier, the company added.
Who Is Jackie Ormes ?
Who Is Jackie Ormes ?
Died December 26, 1985 (aged 74)
Chicago, Illinois


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