Who Is Mari Ferrer ? Mari Ferrer Fight For Her Right 2020

Who Is Mari Ferrer ?

Who Is Mari Ferrer ?

Brazil , Sao Paolo – In a sentence published this Wednesday (09/09), Judge Rudson Marcos, from the 3rd Criminal Court of Florianópolis, acquitted the São Paulo businessman accused of raping a digital influencer, Mari Ferrer, at a beach club in Jurerê Internacional in December 2018.

Who Is Mari Ferrer ?

Who Is Mari Ferrer ? Raped Mari Ferrer Fight For Her Right 2020
Who Is Mari Ferrer ? Raped Mari Ferrer Fight For Her Right 2020
In May 2019, Mariana Ferrer, 21 at the time, used her Instagram to tell about a rape she suffered after being doped in December 2018 at a famous beach club in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina.
“December 15th, 2018, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina. It is not easy to have to come here to report this. My virginity was stolen from me along with my dreams. I was doped and raped by a stranger at a safe and reputable beach club in the city, ”she reported at the time.
São Paulo businessman André de Camargo Aranha, 43, was indicted by the Civil Police in 2019 for rape of the vulnerable. The examinations proved that there was a carnal conjunction, that is, complete or incomplete introduction of the penis into the vagina, rupture of Mariana’s hymen, and even identified his semen in her panties – although André stated that he never had physical contact with her.
Less than a month ago, Mariana had her Instagram account removed by court order. The young woman used, at different times, her social networks to share records of what would have happened the night she claims to have been raped – and, with the support of other profiles with a high number of followers, her case gained visibility. In videos posted on her networks, she appears to be taken by the hand by a man on one of the stairs at the luxury nightclub Cafe de La Musique. The report, in which he states that “his virginity was stolen along with his dreams”, can still be seen in full on his official Twitter account: .
“I was a victim of sexual violence while exercising my profession and almost lost my life: my complete report.” Mari twitter account .



After the businessman was acquitted, the hashtag of justice for Mari Ferrer spread on Twitter, where the tweeters considered the court ruling unjust and unfair to the rights of the girl.

The activists also posted a petition to sign in solidarity with Mary.Here


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