Who Is Martin Pradenas ? Criminal Accused Of Raping Antonia Parra 2020

Who Is Martin Pradenas

Who Is Martin Pradenas ?

Martin Pradinas has been formalized, with the charge of raping Antonia Parra, who subsequently committed suicide.

On Jun. 21, the Judicial Power of Chile formally charged Martin Pradenas  with five criminal charges of a sexual nature, one which includes the rape of Antonio Barra in September 2019. Barra killed herself three weeks after the event and just one day after Pradenas allegedly called and threatened her.
Who Is Martin Pradenas ?
A key to the case might be a video released by CHV noticias, which shows Barra and Pradenas walking towards a cabin where the alleged attack occurred. The lawyer representing the Barra family, Roberto Celedón, describes Barra in the video saying that, “she is not a person who is participating. She is a person who is not in control.”
Social media have brought a lot of attention to this particular case, especially after Barra’s family came forward to say that the court in Temuco would not allow them to publish anything against Pradenas.
Who Is Martin Pradenas
Who Is Martin Pradenas ?
Supporters of Barra took to the internet to denounce Martín, spreading the word of his alleged actions since the family could not. In addition, various organizations such as Red Chilena contra la Violencia hacia las Mujeres (Chilean Network Against Violence Against Women), publically condemn Pradenas for his alleged actions.Who Is Martin Pradenas ?
According to her friends, she had called them to come get her from a cabin in Pucón where the alleged rape occurred. According to the official story presented to the prosecutor’s office in Temuco, she was talking with a shaky voice and then sent a WhatsApp message saying she had been raped. When she emerged from the cabin, she was crying and pleading with her friends to never discuss what had happened. Three weeks later, she was dead.

Serial Rapist?

Antonia Barra is not the only woman to accuse Pradenas of rape. Two days after Barra’s suicide, a girl, only 13 at the time of the incident, came forward saying that Pradenas had raped her between December 2012 and January 2013. Thereafter, additional women came forward and now there are six who are accusing Pradenas of sexual assault, the first of which allegedly took place in November 2010.
According to a report by Chile’s investigations police (PDI), Pradenas has a modus operandi – he takes advantage of social situations to find victims – and he has the personality traits of a psychopath, including self-centeredness and low empathy. CHV released a report from the Temuco sex crimes brigade, which confirms reports against Pradenas as evidence of various sexual deviances throughout his life.
The Public Prosecutor’s Office will probably request preventive detention for the accused, who until now has insisted, through his defense, that it was a consensual relationship.Who Is Martin Pradenas ?
In fact, a few days ago the regional media Libertad Digital, released a video where Pradenas insists on his innocence and affirms that “information has been manipulated here, deliberately lied to, and that is what we come to clarify today: that this It is not as it has been said or as it has been shown. ”

Who Is Martin Pradenas ?


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