Who Is Musa Orhan Accused Of Heinous Rape?

Who Is Musa Orhan

Musa Orhan

In the district of Beşiri-Turkey (İ.E.the victim) she died now after As we continue the struggle for survival.

 When the rapist was free, he said, “I was drunk” in his defense.

The letter of (İ.E.the victim) , which was raped by the expert sergeant, was reached. On social media, #MusaOrhanTutuklansın has become Top Trend !

Who Is Musa Orhan ?

He is a Turkish soldier working in the Turkish region of Bashir. He raped a 17-year-old girl for several days in late July. She entered the hospital until she died, and he is still free, and the journalist who revealed the case is under investigation.
Who Is Musa Orhan
Who Is Musa Orhan

what happened ?

Rape for 20 days and keep the girl 80% paralyzed … damaging her internal organs, causing her to die.
It was revealed that 18-year-old İ.E., who was suspiciously injured in Beşiri district of Batman on July 16 and was taken to a private hospital in Batman center, was raped by expert sergeant M.O., who was working in Siirt.
According to the news of JinNews; While I.E.’s treatment continues in the hospital, his doctors informed that he could remain 80 percent paralyzed. According to the reports of the doctors, IE’s kidneys, whose internal organs were torn and severely damaged, also collected water.
It was stated that İ.E. was still struggling to survive connected to the device. The perpetrator is still free! Perpetrator sergeant M.O. He was released after his detention and the prosecutor’s statement. Despite all the calls and efforts of the family, lawyers and women, the perpetrator has not been arrested yet.

Defense of rape: I was drunk!

In the statement given by the expert sergeant Musa O., who dragged the İ.E. He claimed that they did not have any sexual intercourse with him. O., who denied the sexual assault, was also asked the Forensic Medicine Report confirming the rape at the prosecutor’s office. In the prosecutor’s interrogation to O., İ.E. When they met in Siirt, it was learned that he said he was “alcoholic”. Family applied to İHD İ.E.’s family applied to Human Rights Association (İHD) Batman Branch in order to get legal support. Again, upon the request of the family, it was stated that the İHD made an application to the Siirt Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry of National Defense and the TGNA Human Rights Commission to get information about the investigation and the incident.

A letter written by the victim in her handwriting

Who Is Musa Orhan Accused Of Heinous Rape?
A letter written by the victim in her handwriting
“I am 18 years old living in the village. Musa Orhan burned my dreams, my life and my hopes, I polluted and destroyed my world. I can not stand it hurts me deceived me. Musa Orhan is still in SHOCK, that I was waiting for the owner, Musa Orhan, I contacted Musa on his phone. He took it to his friend’s house. I did not let him touch me for 1 day. On the 2nd day, he forcibly defiled my honor. He raped. I was saying that I wouldn’t drink despite his insistence, but he didn’t want me to say that. He threatened me. He said he would kill me if I told him. I don’t have to be afraid because I’m going to die anymore. Yes, let’s come to tell the truth. Musa Orhan raped me. He said I cried, you can get me fixed. He pulled my hair and dragged it off the floor and said ‘nobody believes you’ He said, “You are unattended”.

Has justice in Turkey completely died? Cases are chilling out, such as the case of Pinar Gultekin, Duygu Delen and now a new victim and the perpetrator is free.

Who Is Musa Orhan
the family of the victim


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