Who Is Pinar Gultekin ? The Murder Confessed Scary Details

Who Is Pinar Gultekin

Who Is Pinar Gultekin ?

Painful news came about Pinar Gultekin , Pinar’s murder confessed! Scary details .

A new victim of violence against women in Turkey

The lifeless body of university student Pinar Gultekin (27), who has been missing for five days in the Ula district of Muğla , Turkey, was found in the forest area of Menteşe district. The murder of Gultekin  was ex-boyfriend  Jamal Matin .

Scary details

The criminal smothered and killed the little girl with his hands in fighting between them because of jealousy, burning her body in a garbage can in the forest area and pouring concrete on her . In a search done in the area, the burnt body of Gultekin was found inside the barrel. The first statements of the murderer Jamal Matin  blamed Pinar Gultekin for his first statements.


On July 16, Pinar Gultekin left her home in the town of Akyaka to the town of Ula where she lived alone. Her family panicked when her sister Sibel Gültekin could not reach her by phone.
Sibel Gültekin and her mother Şefika Gültekin came to police and reported the loss. The teams started a search to find Pinar.
It was determined that Pinar Gultekin was last seen at the Akyaka Cemetery and in the mall in Menteşe district center.
Thereupon, all the security cameras here were put under the lens. The investigation teams found that the images of the security cameras, Pinar Gultekin sat in the shopping center with a person before disappearing and then left with this person.
It was determined that the last person Gultekin was seen was the ex-lover barman Jamal Matin .
The Twitterers has launched a hashtag on behalf of the victim, #pinargultekin , who has issued Twitter around the world, declaring their solidarity with her family and calling for a more serious cessation of crimes against women.

Violence against women around the world

International reports indicate that incidents of violence against women increased during the closing period of Covid 19 , Huge crimes against women continue to rise, and governments must provide greater protection for women against bullying.
Who Is Pinar Gultekin
Who Is Pinar Gultekin ?

Who Is Pinar Gultekin ?

Pinar’s story is not a unique story that happened once, it is a story that occurs every day around the world, girls suffer from male domination, and loss of protection.
When does the world stop for a moment and think about what women suffer? Murder, torture, beating, harassment and rape are occurring on a daily basis, for hundreds or even thousands of cases, and some still provide protection for these ruthless creatures who consider themselves owned by women.
Who Is Pinar Gultekin ?
Who Is Pinar Gultekin
Who Is Pinar Gultekin
Pinar and the story of her death summed up the world with the ugliness of society and the ugliness of male terror, and surprisingly, the murderer even after his confession is still insisting on placing the blame on the victim who lost her life, defending his barbarity.
Men must know that they did not own women and that they are not distinct from them anything. Men must respect women’s decisions and choices.
Governments should take more stringent measures to protect women and their rights, protect their lives, and provide them with full protection by enacting fair laws and giving them their rights.
Women’s rights are the fundamental human rights that were enshrined by the United Nations for every human being on the planet nearly 70 years ago. These rights include the right to live free from violence, slavery, and discrimination; to be educated; to own property; to vote; and to earn a fair and equal wage.
Winning rights for women is about more than giving opportunities to any individual woman or girl; it is also about changing how countries and communities work. It involves changing laws and policies, winning hearts and minds, and investing in strong women’s organizations and movements.
Who Is Pinar Gultekin ?


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