Watch Will Smith Climbs Burj Khalifa And Sits On Top

Will Smith Climbs Burj Khalifa

Will Smith Climbs Burj Khalifa

Will Smith climbs Burj Khalifa, to achieve one of the tasks assigned to him after he failed in the first two tasks assigned to himself.

American star Will Smith filmed on his own “Youtube” channel, clips of a program showing the stages of his return to fitness and a number of his activities, including those he carried out with the aim of losing weight, including his climbing to the top of the tallest building in the world, the “Burj Khalifa” in Dubai, and some of his captures. Souvenir photos, to enrich the program, which is titled The Best Shape Of My Life, which features special clips in the first episodes.
Smith had failed in the first two tasks assigned to himself, namely losing weight and writing travel literature, so he decided that his next task would be to climb the tallest building in the world. As soon as he reached the top of the Burj Khalifa, he extended his arms, looked at the top, and smiled after he finally succeeded in his mission, according to what we see in the video presented by “” of his climbing and reaching the top of the tower, which brings back his memory to his childhood and his relationship with his radical father William Carroll Smith Sr. . At the beginning of the episode, Smith said of his father, “My father was my hero. He demanded strict mastery for himself and everyone around him.”Will Smith Climbs Burj Khalifa.

Smith recounted memories from his childhood, and spoke of the day his father asked him and his brother to build a wall in front of his shop. “My father thought that building the wall would be a good project for me and my brother,” he said. “I remember the times when I was frustrated when I saw a hole in the wall.”
In his speech on the first episode of the program, he revealed the reason why he traveled for 12 hours to Dubai, saying: “Dubai fits my personality. It teaches me how to see the world and life.” He also posted on his Instagram account a picture of him from the tallest skyscraper in the world, with a comment in which he said: “A thousand years from now, people will look at the Burj Khalifa as they look at the pyramids today, and they will wonder how it was built.”Will Smith Climbs Burj Khalifa.
Will Smith Climbs Burj Khalifa
Will Smith Climbs Burj Khalifa


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