“Xenia Car” Japan Introduces A New Competitor For Toyota Cars

"Xenia Car" Japan Introduces A New Competitor For Toyota Cars

Xenia Car

Japan’s Daihatsu revealed its new Xenia, which is designed to compete with Toyota’s modern Avanza family cars.

The new Xenia car comes with a uniquely designed minivan chassis based on Xenia platforms, 4 meters and 39 centimeters long, 173 centimeters wide, and equipped with 15 and 16-inch wheels.
As for the cabin of the car, it got 3 rows of seats for 8 passengers, and was equipped with an advanced driving interface with two touch screens in the middle, a large one to control the multimedia systems, audio systems and many of the vehicle’s features, and a smaller one to control the air conditioning systems, heating and cooling seats.

Daihatsu‘s vehicle is also equipped with safety airbags to protect all occupants during accidents, speed control systems on travel roads, systems to maintain stability on curves and slopes, and several driving systems suitable for movement on various roads, as well as light and rain sensors, distance sensors and front and rear cameras.

Xenia will be launched with economical 1.5-liter gasoline engines and 106 horsepower, and more powerful versions may be available equipped with 2.0-liter engines, and these engines will work with mechanical and automatic speeds.

"Xenia Car" Japan Introduces A New Competitor For Toyota Cars


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