Young Thug Captured In Atlanta, Accused Of 2 Posse Counts

Young Thug Captured In Atlanta

Grammy Award-winning Atlanta rapper Young Thug has been captured and set up for the Fulton County Jail on pack related charges, online prison records show.

Jeffery Lamar Williams, 30, also called Young Thug, was set up for prison Monday on two separate counts, as indicated by prison records. He is accused of scheme to disregard the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act and interest in road pack movement.
Williams’ RICO Act charge originates from a supposed offense in January 2013, while the pack action charge is connected with claims from May 2018, prison records show.

Young Thug Captured In Atlanta

The persuasive rapper was arrested by Atlanta police, however the office has not shared any data about the capture. A police representative guided requests to the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.
The Fulton DA’s office has not answered demands for additional data from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Why Young Thug Arrested

Thug and Gunna are among 28 individuals related with YSL that have been charged in a 56-count arraignment on Monday, as indicated by WSBTV‘s Michael Seiden.
Young Thug, conceived Jeffery Lamar Williams, was arrested and is being held at Fulton County Jail. He’s been accused of intrigue to disregard the extortionist impacted and degenerate associations act (RICO) and interest in criminal road group action. Gunna has allegedly been accused of one count of plotting to disregard RICO.

Young Thug Captured In Atlanta


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