Zayn Did 9 11 , Remove It For Zayn After 7 Years Racist Lyrics

Zayn Did 9 11

Zayn Did 9 11 , Remove It For Zayn

Almost 7 years after the publication of the music clip that mocks singer Zain Malik and attributes the events of September 11th ،Twitter has issued a hashtag demanding the deletion of this passage, which Twitterers see as racist and Islamophobic, and Twitter tweets declared their solidarity with Zain against this racism.

The song was blaming the One Direction singer for the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in 2001 has sparked fury among fans.
The track called Zayn Did 9 11 features the singer’s silhouette superimposed over an image of the September 11 attacks.
It’s claimed to be the work of American rapper Rucka Rucka Ali who has since been branded “disgusting” among hundreds of unprintable tweets.
His Twitter account has since been suspended but the song itself remains free to play on YouTube.

Racist Lyrics

Zayn did 9 11

Zayn is the lead singer of the group Al Qaedirection
He flew a plane into some buildings on September the 11th
He was 8 or 9
He trained how to fly
Took a boxcutter, went onto a plane
He was 8 or 9
He made up his mind
He hates our way of life and then he did 9/11

Zayn Hussein did 9/11

some of tweets on #removeitforzayn

Zayn Did 9 11

 Zayn did 9/11 , no he did not

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